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Adventure Activities

Adventure activities that an independent wheelchair user has assessed. Some sites may not be suitable or safe for you to use. Please check with the company.

The wheel key shows how accessible the attraction is: GREEN = fully accessible ORANGE = partly accessible. You might need some help. Or there are conditions in place, e.g. a reduced tour RED = not accessible at all.


Disability Information Service or any of the named companies or their employees cannot be held liable for any claims, losses, damages or expenses including legal costs tht may be incurred during or in conjunction with participation in the the activities.

  • Please make your own enquiries
  • Use your own judgement to decide whether you can take part in the activities
  • Let the staff at the activity know what you need

AJ Hackett - Kawarau Bridge Bungy

1693 Gibbston Highway, Gibbston, Otago

0800 BUNGYJUMP or 03 442 4008

  • Wheelchair access from carpark to accessible toilet and ticket office by lift.
  • Access to bridge via steps or back up to carpark and down gravel path.
  • After the bungy you are lowered into a boat.
  • If unable to walk unaided, then you will have to be carried from the river up the access path back to the office complex.

Accessibility rating: ORANGE

Skyline Gondola and Luge

Brecon Street, Queenstown, Otago

03 441 0101

  • Gondola stopsto allow transfer from wheelchair into gondola.
  • There is a choice of having your wheelchair go up in same gondola or one in front.
  • There is a chair that can be borrowed.
  • The gondola takes you to restaurant level where accessible toilets are situated.
  • Access to luge is down steep path.  May need assistance to descend.  Definitely need assist to go back up.
  • Using the luge is possible if you have good strength in your arms to use the brakes on the luge cart.

Accessibility rating: ORANGE

Shotover Jet

Gorge Road, Arthurs Point, Queenstown

03 442 8570

  • Accessible toilet in mall.
  • Bus to river leaves from same level as mall.  Bus drops you off at the boat ramp.
  • You need to transfer from wheelchair onto bus.
  • Depending on the recent weather, ground can be hard to push on.
  • Transfer on and off jet boat is self manageable if you can transfer independently.
  • Best position in the middle in the back of boat.
  • Due to the nature of the ride, you will require good arm strength to stop yourself from being thrown off balance.
  • After the jet boat ride, you will need to push up to shop and car park from boat jetty.  This can be difficult as the ground is soft.

Accessibility rating: ORANGE

Shotover Canyon Swing

Shotover Shop, 37 Shotover Street, Queenstown

03 442 6990

  • 15 minute minibus ride to Canyon Swing.
  • Must be able to transfer from wheelchair.
  • No accessible toilets at site.
  • Downhill dirt track from carpark to site office.
  • Depending on your wheelchair skills you may need assistance to get from the office to the jump platform; there are 64 wooden steps to go down.
  • Depending on your fitness and strength, you may require assistance to return back to the office and subsequently to the car park.

Accessibility rating: ORANGE

Dart River Jet Safaris

Queenstown Info Centre, Cnr Camp & Shotover Streets, Queenstown

03 442 9992

  • Dart River Jet safaris offer three safaris, the Wilderness Safari, Jet Boat Safari and Funyak Safari.
  • This report relates to the Jet Boat Safari.
  • There is a 45 minute bus ride to Glenorchy and you must be able to transfer out of a wheelchair.
  • The office at Glenorchy has an accessible toilet.
  • There is a short minibus ride from the office to the boat ramp.  Again, you must be able to transfer out of the chair.
  • The best seating position is near the front as the aisle width on the boat is very narrow making it difficult if you need to be carried.
  • The jet boat stops for about half an hour and you have the option of getting off the boat.  This is achievable with the assistance of helpers; however, be aware that the ground could be very soft and possibily unsuitable for wheelchairs in places if there has been recent rain.

Accessibility rating: ORANGE